Moving Logistics…

August 14, 2014

So today we get to pick up our “Romance” bedroom set and our TV! This is the first of our furniture to arrive, but the tricky part is how to transport it home. Cars here are much smaller and they need to be because gas prices are extremely high. Daniel has a cute 2 door Peugeot, I don’t believe we have this brand in the US or at least I have never seen one. I don’t really care for the hatchback, it’s not that esthetically pleasing to me, but it does help in situations where you need bigger trunk space and I’ve found that parking is a breeze. It fits everywhere.

Okay, so back to the topic…how to transport things home. I have yet to see one pick up truck here. I’ve only seen company trucks and small cars. How I would love to borrow Helen’s (my bff) Ford truck for this move. But instead we have to borrow a truck from his mom’s office. They supply piping to companies…so Daniel is going to drive one of their delivery trucks. This truck is massive. Let’s hope we and our furniture make it home in one piece!

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