Kemtvätt? (Dry Cleaners)

September 28, 2014

You know you live in a small city when you don’t have a dry cleaner near by. I have to find a reliable dry cleaner in Lund which is the next city over. When I asked some girlfriends where they take their dry cleaning, they looked at me oddly. Most of the clothes here can be machine or hand washed so there isn’t much need for a dry cleaner. I understand not wanting to have dry clean only clothing, it cost a small fortune to dry clean all your clothes. I used to pay hundreds of dollars a month in dry cleaning bills, I can’t image how much it will cost here since everything seems to be way more expensive. I don’t want to trust my DVF dresses to just anyone and all dry cleaners are not the same. I have found some dry cleaners, but I’m always open to recommendations, anyone?

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