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November 9, 2014

On my search to eat at all the Vietnamese restaurants I can find, I found another one called Rice & Soup which is located in the Triangeln mall in Malmö right next to what I presume to be another pho restaurant called Noodle House. That is on list for the next time I venture out for some Vietnamese food. I came around lunch time which was packed with people. They have a pretty large lunch buffet menu for 79 Kr, which isn’t bad. I checked out the food and it looked like Chinese take out with lots of stir-fried dishes. Nothing looked Vietnamese except the spring rolls. I decided to pick from the menu and chose a comfort favorite, Pho Bo, which is a traditional beef noodle soup. I wanted to compare this to Miss Saigon’s pho that I tried a few months prior. The result, I like Rice & Soup’s version of pho much better. The flavors were more traditionally Vietnamese although the meat was over cooked and the portion size was small for my taste. It warmed my belly on a cold day and it felt nice to have some comfort food.



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