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February 10, 2016

I think I’ve had an epiphany, I love Sweden! I know it sounds odd because most of the time I’m bitching about all the things I miss about LA and how great the US is, but this week, I admitted it to myself. Let me give you the background. This past weekend we had Daniel’s cousins over for a little fika (afternoon sweets and coffee). One of his cousin asked me how I was doing and if I “loved” Sweden and without hesitation I answered “YES!” I think it shocked his cousin and myself to make this revelation. This was the first time I had ever said that I loved Sweden and it’s 100% true. Yes, the transition was tough, I’m not going to lie. Moving from my life in Los Angeles to small little Eslöv was a shock. And at times I still struggle with the differences in culture, the impossible language, the different mindsets and the horribly grey Winters, but the reason why I love Sweden is because this is where Daniel is. Plain and simple. I think I could love any city so long as he was in it. Being in Sweden and going through these challenges have made us such a stronger couple, we are a team, we are one soul in 2 bodies. We honestly would do anything for each other to make the other one happy. When I have my bad days or the occasions where I’m hating Sweden, he pulls me out of my funk and makes me laugh. We laugh through all the struggles and the hardships and it keeps us growing closer. I don’t think we could have been this close in Los Angeles.

Another reason why I love Sweden, his family. They are crazy, loud and sometimes too involved, but this is what I’ve always envisioned a family to be. They love each other unconditionally and I feel so blessed to be accepted as one of them. I definitely would not have this back in Los Angeles because my family doesn’t operate on that level. So for as much as I complain about how shitty Sweden can be, I still love it because it holds my family here. Now if only I could get my sister to move…it’d be the perfect place!



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  • Khyn April 20, 2016 at 11:26 pm

    Hehehehe, Eslöv. I am very surprised. I’ll write you a longer message when I have the time. Till then, tudelutt =)