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March 2017


Wedding Venue: Let’s Get Personal

March 30, 2017

Personal touches makes your wedding special and get’s your guests into the moment with you. I had some must have choices when it came to what I wanted to share with my guests. The Flowers: I LOVE flowers and peonies were my flower of choice. The problem was getting peonies in August. I was referred by my hairstylist to my now absolute favorite florist in Malmö, Blomsterpigan. I had shopped around to many other florists, but Johanna the store owner,…

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Food Lifestyle

Wedding Venue: It’s All About the Food

March 28, 2017

I’m a self proclaimed foodie and part of the decision process had to be about the food. What’s great about having your wedding venue at a restaurant is knowing the food will be good. I created menus with my invitation designer and they were set on the table for each guest. Our wedding menu – Appetizer: Cured meats with marinated olives Starter: Rillette on crab & avocado with crayfish soup Main: Beef fillet with potatoes gratin, cognac & pepper sauce,…

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Lifestyle Travel

Wedding Venue: HIPP’s Rich History

March 27, 2017

The first time I was at HIPP was during the first Christmas I visited Daniel in Sweden. Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve are big party days in Sweden so this is where we ended up for both nights. It was unlike anything I had seen in LA where the nightclubs are more industrial looking. This nightclub looked like you stepped back into the Victorian era where everyone should be dressed in ballgowns rather than skimpy clubbing outfits. I thought…

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Wedding Week: You’re Cordially Invited…

March 24, 2017

First impressions are important especially when you are trying to set the tone for your wedding. The first thing I thought about was what kind of vibe I wanted to send with my wedding invitations. I started with adjectives to describe what I wanted my guests to feel, just as I did when I was looking for my wedding dress. The adjectives that I wanted my wedding to emulate was: regal, elegant, romantic and timeless. The colors I chose were…

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Fashion Lifestyle

Wedding Week: The Wedding Dress Search Continues…

March 22, 2017

After my first bridal gown shopping experience at Kleinfeld, I thought it would be best to try a few other places locally in Sweden and Denmark. I was lucky enough to have my best friend and bridesmaid, Helen, with me to visit some shops. We started in Sweden with a few small shops in Malmö, but quickly realized the search would have to continue. I researched bridal shops that carried designer wedding gowns and came across a small bouquet bridal…

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