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Wedding Venue: HIPP’s Rich History

March 27, 2017

The first time I was at HIPP was during the first Christmas I visited Daniel in Sweden. Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve are big party days in Sweden so this is where we ended up for both nights. It was unlike anything I had seen in LA where the nightclubs are more industrial looking. This nightclub looked like you stepped back into the Victorian era where everyone should be dressed in ballgowns rather than skimpy clubbing outfits. I thought it was absolutely beautiful.

When we were searching for our wedding venue we looked everywhere including the neighboring castles. That’s right…we have castles here! Unfortunately, our guest count at that time was constantly growing so we need more space and the largest castle we found only seated 100 guests. So there went my fairy tale castle dream. But, when I started looking at HIPP, I found that it had such a rich history. I remembered the beautifully painted ceilings and the chandeliers and thought that it would be the perfect place for a wedding. On top of that, the food was delicious! We rented out the entire 5th floor that had 3 large areas: a ballroom, a foyer, and a seating area.

It was perfect for our fairy tale wedding and a major landmark in Sweden. See below for the history of the building taken from their website at

A wholesaler, a consultant, a builder, a pharmacists and a restaurateur buys the plot, where they planned to build a circus.

The five men form, Construction Company Hippodrome and chose young architect, Theodor Wåhlin. They built HIPP in record time – one and a half years.

In November, Circus Tanti is responsible for the highly acclaimed premiere of “most modern circus and theater ”

In April, the Grand Restaurant Hippodrome is opened.

Walpurgis gives the last circus performance in HIPP. Oscar Winge takes over and builds on the premises and turns it into a pure theater with operas and comedies.

Malmö City Theatre is completed and Oscar Winge becomes its manager. Hips Theater was inherited from his ex-wife, Elsa Winge.

March 27th – final show at HIPP “The Lord of the alley”. That same year it was sold and HIPP becomes church.

The restaurant closes.

Elim congregation HIPP sells to construction companies.

The construction company files for bankruptcy, Malmö City buys HIPP and saves the old cultural building.

The caring and reverence full renovation of HIPP is in full swing.

January – rededicated HIPP. Malmö Dramatic Theatre gets its main stage with Staffan Valdemar Holm as the theater.

February 24th – the restaurant opens again.

September 16th –  Hipp nightclub opens.

August 13th – Melissa & Daniel’s Wedding.



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