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Wedding Venue: It’s All About the Food

March 28, 2017

I’m a self proclaimed foodie and part of the decision process had to be about the food. What’s great about having your wedding venue at a restaurant is knowing the food will be good.

I created menus with my invitation designer and they were set on the table for each guest.

Our wedding menu –

Appetizer: Cured meats with marinated olives

Starter: Rillette on crab & avocado with crayfish soup

Main: Beef fillet with potatoes gratin, cognac & pepper sauce, savoy cabbage and oyster sauce

Dessert: Wedding cake served with coffee and tea

We also had a kid’s menu since we figured most kids wouldn’t be too excited about crab soup and others, so we kept it simple.

Kid Menu – Hamburgers and fries with ice cream for dessert

Late Night Meal: Whole Roasted Pigs. In Macedonian as well as Vietnamese cultures, roasted pigs are important on a wedding day. We had 3 roasted pigs brought in towards the end of the night so people that were not yet full from dinner had more yumminess to snack on.

This is the only picture I have of the pigs and I love that one of my best friends is getting a kick out of the pig heads. LOL.

Let Them Eat Cake!

After several cake tastings, we went with Cake Me HappyThey create such beautiful cakes that also tastes good! The inside was chocolate cake with a raspberry and dark chocolate mousse. I thought it was beautiful, simple and delicious!

For the cake topper, I had looked for several options, but I found this cake topper through Etsy. I wanted it to be personal and I thought this was so pretty.

Venue Drinks: We didn’t want to limit our guests on drinks so we had an open bar. We had everything from wine, spirits, champagne and of course the Macedonian traditional drink of Rakija!

We had a special fairy tale themed drink menu with specific names for each:

Princess Bride – Champagne & OJ

Prince Charming – Whiskey & Coke

Love Potion – Vodka & Cranberry Juice

Happily Ever After – Gin & Tonic

The Nackovski – Shot of Rakija

Our bartender went missing during parts of the evening (you can’t control everything) so my dear sweet girlfriends stepped up to man the bar! Look how cute they are! They had to figure out my themed drink menu, but it was pretty straight forward. So thankful my friends were there! 


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