Wedding Venue: Let’s Get Personal

March 30, 2017

Personal touches makes your wedding special and get’s your guests into the moment with you. I had some must have choices when it came to what I wanted to share with my guests.

The Flowers:

I LOVE flowers and peonies were my flower of choice. The problem was getting peonies in August. I was referred by my hairstylist to my now absolute favorite florist in Malmö, Blomsterpigan. I had shopped around to many other florists, but Johanna the store owner, was by far the sweetest and took the time to understand what I wanted. I wanted a romantic bouquet filled with pink and white peonies and mixes of other flowers. I had also purchased some brooches to give my bouquet some much needed bling.

For the bridal party bouquets, I wanted full bouquets of white and blush pink flowers. I also included brooches into my bridesmaid’s bouquet so that they could keep the as a keepsake from our wedding.

The head table flowers needed to be lush and full and the result was beautiful. They did an absolutely fantastic job on our wedding flowers. Now when I need flowers for my home, it’s the only place I shop.

I wanted simple flowers are on the tables since there wasn’t that much space for a lot of decorations and we were also going to have candelabras on the table.

Instead of having normal name tags or labels at each seat, we gifted each of our guest with a “LOVE” glass coaster wrapped in cellophane and tied with pink ribbon and a cut out paper heart with their names on it. Children received a bag of candy instead of the glass souvenir. I thought it was a nice way to thank everyone for coming to our wedding and being a part of our special day.

Guest Book:

I did not want to go for the typical guest book and found this heart puzzle on one of my trips back to the US. It was perfect since everyone could write their names on a puzzle piece and we could frame this and put it in our house. We did have a book beside this in case people wanted to give us marriage advice. It was lovely to read some of the responses after the wedding. We had a sign that read “Fill our heart with love, kindly sign your name” so everyone would know this is our guest book.  

This heart now hangs in our office and serves as a reminder of all the love from our wedding guests.

Instagram Frame & DIY Flower Wall:

I had tried researching the best way to create a sort of background so that people could take fun photos. And what I came to was that paper flowers look amazing and is easier and less expensive than real flowers. I wanted to keep it with my theme colors so the background was gold and the flowers were a blend of pink and white. My sister, a good friend and I set everything up a few days prior to the wedding. I wanted a photo corner that everyone could have some fun.

I wanted to have a instagram frame of our wedding with a special message just for us and our guests. I had a designer from Etsy create this design, had it printed on large format paper and I attached it to a cardboard. It’s super easy and inexpensive, but a great idea. I also bought wedding props so that our guests could be silly and have some fun! I think all the personal touches made our wedding fun! I hope our guests agree! 



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