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What is an Angel Caller, Bola, Harmony Ball?

July 20, 2017

I received a very special pregnancy gift from one of my dearest colleagues last week, a Bola necklace, which is also known as an “Angel Caller”; “Harmony Ball”; or “Harmony Necklace”. When I opened the box, I saw the prettiest little round ball heart charm necklace inside, she told me to shake it and I heard the faintest little chime coming from inside the ball charm. I asked her what this was and she said that since the baby can now hear voices and other sounds, this charm is used to soothe baby. I loved the idea and the sentiment behind this special gift. I’ve been wearing it every day!

Of course my curiosity led me to do some research around the history of this necklace. This is what I’ve found:

According to ILADO-Paris, the Angel Caller that is also called “Bola” or “Harmony Ball” is an ancestral jewelry that can be found in many cultures across the world. A gentle shake of this pendant releases a soft chime sound that brings inner calm and harmony, and is believed to call the wearer’s Guardian Angel. In the Mayan tradition, the Angel Caller was worn by the mothers, to protect them during pregnancy, and to calm the newborn baby with this familiar soothing chime sound.

Harmony Ball Pendant says, the pregnancy harmony ball is generally worn on very long necklace chains or cords so that the harmony ball itself rests on the swollen abdomen of the pregnant woman. It is said that from about 16-20 weeks into the pregnancy that the unborn baby will hear the soft chimes sound coming from the harmony ball. The soft chiming sound is said to soothe the unborn baby and can even have calming benefits for the mother to be.

The Bola pendant that I received was from Babylonia, they carry the brand BOLA which is handmade in Mexico. I love the double heart detail and of course it’s my favorite shape!


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  • Reply Christine September 9, 2017 at 2:22 am

    I too like that double heart pendant. Your page about what is a Harmony Ball, Angel Caller or Bola Necklace is very informative, you have done a lot of research referencing a few different sources as well which is a good idea. I actually visited and read the article in full and also looked at the amazing range of over 200 Harmony Ball Necklaces they have. Thanks for the information.

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