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Our Surprise Wedding Anniversary Pool Party!

September 12, 2017

Our first wedding anniversary happened to land while we were in California on vacation. What we didn’t know was that my dear sister had been scheming for months to surprise us with a first wedding anniversary pool party!

True to form, she did not spare any expense to make it beautiful and memorable. Down to the party favors, every detail was thought out and she really knows how to throw a party!

In order to get us to the party she fabricated a made up story where she even got her neighbor involved. She said that she had to run out to help her neighbor with something and that we would spend the day somewhere because she had “tickets”. We knew she was up to something, but nothing like this.

When we arrived, we were greeted by friends and family that were there to surprise us! It was amazing to see everyone. We had no idea. She had so many stories and backstories that we couldn’t keep anything straight. She’s way too good at the misdirection distractions!

The food for the party was catered and we even had a bartender! Everything was delicious and everyone had such a great time!

She even had our own personalized anniversary cake! It’s so pretty!

All in all – we couldn’t be more thankful for this amazing party. To my sister and everyone that came to share the day with us, we love you!

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