An Ode to Theodore

January 12, 2018

This started off as a silly little song I made up while trying to calm Theodore from one of his crying fits. I sang it with a British accent like Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins, LOL! ūüėČ

But it turned into something more. This is my ode to Theodore:

They say musicals are just fantasies and not reality,
But surely they have never had a baby,
Now I sing all day the words I used to say,
To avoid all the drama, because I am your mama…

I love you more than life my sweet little boy, 
You’ll grow up to have so many toys,
How you’ve changed my life turned it upside down,
My love for you is like the ocean, I could drown…¬†

I never thought I could love so deep, 
Even though you’ve deprived me of sleep,¬†
But that’s okay my little love,¬†
For you I’d do anything go beyond and above…

You are all I see when you smile at me,
When you talk and coo, 
There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do,¬†
Just to make you smile,
Even if it’s just for a little while…

Because you are growing up so fast every day, 
How I wish you’d stay little this way,
I’ll carry you on my shoulder as we dance and sway,
Because¬†I don’t want to miss the chance to say,¬†
Thank you my precious baby boy,
You have brought me so much joy…

You have become my reason for being,
It’s like the first time I’m seeing,
This beautiful life…with me as a wife… and a mother,¬†
A mother, a mama, your mommy forever.

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