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Audible Review- Take Control of Your Life: How to Silence Fear and Win the Mental Game by Mel Robbins

April 4, 2019

This year has been all about growth and tapping into understanding myself and becoming the best version of me. That also means seeking help to unpack a lot of baggage that I’ve been carrying around. I used to be embarrassed about asking for help, but now it’s empowering. I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to better myself and to take control of my life instead of just letting things happen to me and not knowing how to deal with it. My very good friend, Tawny, recommended this Audible Original called Take Control of Your Life: How to Silence Fear and Win the Mental Game by Mel Robbins. I followed Mel Robbins’ work before, but felt that her style wasn’t for me, until I listened to this audible. She’s in your face direct and occasionally drops the F-bomb, but I get her. I appreciate the message she is sending to people to empower themselves.

Full disclaimer, I have just recently found the beauty in self-help and growth books. They have really helped me confront my fears and made me understand the patterns that have turned into habits that I use as coping mechanisms in my adult life. You will follow 6 coaching sessions where she helps the person express their biggest fears and how they have created certain patterns to cope with them. I found this extremely helpful and could identify with each of these people on different levels. I’ve learned through listening to these sessions that our bodies stores the fears that we’ve had as children, in my case, the fear of abandonment.

I spent so much of my life feeling that I was unlovable, that at some point the person I was with would find out that I’m a fraud and not worth loving. Or I would worry that my friends would find out that I’m not that great and I would be alone. I didn’t trust the people that loved me because I had learned from my childhood that those people would eventually leave you. As a child, you don’t realize why they leave you, you just understand that they left and if they really loved you, how could they leave? Through these sessions I’ve learned that it wasn’t about me. It was whatever they were dealing with in their life and situation at the time. And yes, they did leave, but it helps to understand that they had to protect themselves.

I hope to use the knowledge I gained through these sessions to be kinder to myself and realize that my past does not define who I am nor my future self. Only I can. And I’ve learned through the help of my husband and family that I am lovable and worth loving. And that is a huge realization.

Check out this audible and see what you learn about yourself!

Take Control of Your Life with Mel Robbins

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