About Me

I’m the type of person that never wants to regret not taking a chance on life. So when my boyfriend (now husband) asked me to move with him back to his home country of Sweden, I took it as an opportunity for the biggest adventure of my life. I quit a job that I loved, sold my belongings, packed up my bags and moved from the amazing city of Los Angeles to the tiny sleepy city of Eslöv. 

What started as a blog to stay connected to my friends and family has now evolved into a creative space where I can share my insights and daily life. I’m a food obsessed hopeless romantic with #girlboss dreams who still believes in fairy tales. I’m a new mom who is trying to survive #momlife with a little grace and dignity. 

I want my blog to connect people, to spread positivity and kindness all the while sharing some fun stories, helpful tips, good books, delicious food and pretty photos. I’m a firm believer that you create your own fairy tale and I try to do that everyday by living graciously and gratefully.

This is my life in a visual diary form and you are welcome to it.