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Maternity Photo Shoot

October 29, 2017

We had so much fun on this maternity photo shoot. Our dear friend and photographer, Alex Angelovski , took these amazing shots. He was also our photographer for our engagement photos and wedding photos so he totally gets me. I usually know what I want in a photo and he lets me have some creative freedom over the shot. Take a look at a few of my favorites!…

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Pregnancy Diary: 2nd month of 2nd Trimester DONE!

July 31, 2017

Every month into each trimester has been a new experience. In this month, I’ve experienced what I call the “hungry monster” phase. I’m eating non-stop! I’m talking all day, every day, every few hours! I’ve been told by my friends that this is a good thing since the baby is growing, but seriously, I never thought I would get tired of eating so often! I’m trying to make healthy smart choices when I do snack or get the crazy hunger pains.…

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Fashion Health & Wellness Lifestyle

What is an Angel Caller, Bola, Harmony Ball?

July 20, 2017

I received a very special pregnancy gift from one of my dearest colleagues last week, a Bola necklace, which is also known as an “Angel Caller”; “Harmony Ball”; or “Harmony Necklace”. When I opened the box, I saw the prettiest little round ball heart charm necklace inside, she told me to shake it and I heard the faintest little chime coming from inside the ball charm. I asked her what this was and she said that since the baby can…

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